At Cosmetips we create luxury Beauty Edits which are designed and curated by your favourite beauty experts and influencers! All our Beauty Edits have a huge discount off the total retail value. The best part is our Beauty Edits are non-subscription, so you only buy the Edit if you love it!


Jennifer Aaron

Before Cosmetips was created, the majority of (if not all) Beauty Edits on the market were full of low-quality samples that people mostly gave away to friends or family. Beauty Edit/box companies prioritised products they would receive for free from suppliers or barely pay for instead of focusing on value and service for their consumers. With no thought or care for the consumer, this concept bothered me immensely.

I believed a Beauty Edit should not be planned by people in an office that focus on short term profit but instead be curated by the influencers and makeup artists who have received, tried and tested thousands of products. We want our Influencers and artists to promote the products they use and love. Cosmetips collaborations are all about authenticity and value.

In addition, a sample does not allow a consumer to properly test and experience a product. When somebody buys a Cosmetips Edit they receive the full luxury product size except at a hugely discounted price.

Our first launch sold out in under 8 hours proving our concept; customers want full size luxury products at very discounted prices that are carefully selected by Influencers who for a change, love and wholeheartedly recommended the products they are promoting.


Whilst we’re rebranding, our core values are the same:

Luxury Branding

Consumers will still be unpackaging their products from high-end packaging.


Our collaborators can still customise the packaging by choosing their own pantone for the Edit.

Luxury Products

Our Edits will still include the same luxury brands and products inside.